We are all about customized solutions, here are some of the recruiting, sourcing and  HR services we offer.
  • Full cycle recruiting, retained, contract or contigency.
  • We have had success in a wide range of disciplines including: engineering, IT, operations, marketing, sales, human resources, accounting/finance (and more) from entry level through vice president. 
  • Highly successful with confidential, sensitive searches. 
  • Experience working with hiring managers by totally coordinating the process,  including scheduling interviews and travel arrangements, if needed. 
  • Screen and review candidates in applicant tracking systems, in order to separate out the unqualified applicants and present the best candidates to the hiring manager or HR. 
  • We use vaious methods and search tools: custom search engines, job boards, cold calls, networking, etc. 
  • Initial phone meeting with the hiring manager or corporate HR representative to learn the specifics of the position requirements.
  • Provide a list of potential candidates including names and contact information for an agreed upon period. Results guaranteed! 
  • Make initial contact and provide a brief phone screen (not a complete interview).
  • Send link to candidates and encourage them to apply on your company website.
  • Regular reports and metrics on how many individuals were contacted and our findings.
HR Services:
We can be your Talent Aquisition Department on an "as needed" project basis. We can handle as much of the process as you require.
  • Post the position.
  • Review applications.
  • Contact and screen candidates.
  • Schedule or lead the interviews.
  • Check references.
  • Make the job offer. 
  • Any of the recruiting or soucing services listed above.