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We are a great recruiting/human resource partner. Our team may be small, but we provide our customers with great big results! We do five things exceptionally well:

  1. We find the best candidates!  We leave no stone unturned to find the best high value candidates, many of whom are not actively in the market. We find our candidates through deep web searching, phone sourcing and referrals. We do not rely on job boards or apps!

  2. We customize candidate searches and HR services!  We offer an  ala carte menu that can help any employer handle human resource projects without increasing the staff. See the services tab for details.

  3. We won't waste your time!  When providing recruiting services, we will not submit resumes of unqualified candidates that do not match your specific requirements. We will thoroughly vet each candidate, and we can help schedule phone or onsite interviews.

  4. We value relationships! We believe that once you work with us, we will be your recruiter of choice so we do not annoy our customers with an endless barrage of marketing calls.

  5. We enjoy our mission and have fun every day serving our customers. If you have a challenging project give us a call at 262-335-0763 or email us at info@myHRhelper.com.